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In previous articles, we have presented you with how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have been changing current standards and stirring up traditional markets. One of the many new great solutions is the idea of Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC). It rearranges the approach to investments in projects in their early stage of development. So far, it was a domain of traditional Venture Capital funds, which have been accessible only for highly wealthy investors and prone to a lot of paperwork. The solution to this problem is brought by the application of blockchain technology based on a digital ledger — tokenization.

This idea is nothing more than converting ordinary assets into digital shares, each of which is represented by a separate token. In this article, you can discover how Lucrosus Capital is adapting to the idea of tokenization by implementing the $LUCA token. We believe that the utilities of our token are a game-changer in the case of Venture Capital investments and thanks to us individual investors can experience institutional opportunities.

1. The exposure to multiple tokens by holding one

The main advantage of being a Venture Capital fund is the possibility to participate in investments in projects in their infancy. This provides very beneficial prices, which are mostly inaccessible for individual investors. Lucrosus Capital wants to rearrange this by implementing the Shared Allocation Program. We pledge to transfer a portion of our allocation in other projects to owners of our $LUCA tokens. Those holders will have the possibility to obtain tokens of invested projects by a specific platform. The exact amount of received tokens will depend on the tier, to which the owner of $LUCA belongs.

There are 5 tiers — Cuprum, Arganti, Aurum, Emerald, and the best one Gemmo — which are precisely described on our website and whitepaper. Each tier has a destined share of the total allocation, which is greater with superior levels. Each higher tier has fewer participants than the lower one, so participation in a better one is highly beneficial. However, we decided to apply a favourable solution, by providing a gamified process, for the two lowest tiers — Cuprum and Arganti — to deliver highly profitable prizes in comparison with the necessary token threshold. Thanks to such a solution, you can participate in several early prosperous investments by owning only one cryptocurrency — Lucrosus Capital’s token $LUCA.

2. Buy-back as indirect participation in Lucrosus Capital earnings

Earnings obtained by Lucrosus Capital are not only a beneficial record in our balance sheet but also are highly desirable for $LUCA owners. It is connected with the utility of our tokens — a considerable fraction of generated profits by Lucrosus Capital will be destined to buy back $LUCA tokens from an open market. Such an operation will reduce circulating supply and therefore, have a positive influence on price activity. The share of gains used in the buy-back program will depend on market conditions. Nevertheless, the aims of Lucrosus Capital and our investors are convergent. It results from the fact that the more lucrative investments are conducted by us, the more tokens are bought back, and therefore, the price of $LUCA rises even more. The profitability of our allocations is dependent on the value, number, and return on investments of allocations, so it might differ with dynamic market conditions. That phenomenon means that our investor has exposure for each beneficial move.

3. Determine the direction of our development thanks to $LUCA

Following its mission, Lucrosus Capital is committed to cultivating a decentralized community. The way to do this is through the voting program. The owners have the capability to decide on the timing of buybacks, AMAs with project representatives, and much more. Not only does this allow for a real influence on Lucrosus Capital’s performance, but more essentially, governance forges a strong bond with all of our supporters. This ensures involvement in Lucrosus and motivates the team to provide as many beneficial opportunities as possible.

4. The long term pays off

Lucrosus Capital strongly believes that rewarding its long-term investors is a crucial factor for stable and prolonged growth. Therefore, $LUCA holders will be able to benefit from staking. This process involves locking $LUCA tokens into a specific protocol, allowing for increased allocation size and voting power. This is a really simple action that positively impacts our supporters, which only helps to deepen our relationship.

5. Stay up-to-date due to our exclusive research

The cornerstone of any investment is solid research. In Lucrosus Capital we believe that without a complete understanding of the project you can not put your funds in it. Addressing this challenge, we conduct our own analyses and market forecasts based on cutting-edge tools that are not commonly accessible. Such an application allows us to analyze large sets of information and draw conclusions in a short time, which allows us not to drown in data. Nevertheless, the key element of our research is also our expert knowledge, which in specific cases perfectly supplements or even exceeds computer programs, thanks to which we can benefit from the synergy effect. To reward holders of $LUCA, they will have early access to this exclusive research data detailing all the ins and outs of investments conducted by Lucrosus Capital.

6. Speak about the project directly to its developers

It is crucial to know the way of thinking of the project creators in order to understand it thoroughly. Normally, an individual investor would never have a chance to directly ask questions to the project founders. Thanks to Lucrosus Capital it has become possible. Holders of $LUCA will be able to take part in dedicated meetings with project developers and will have a chance to ask them questions regarding topics that bother them.

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