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Lucrosus Capital is a Decentralized Venture Capital that allows its individual investors to have exposure to investments in blockchain projects in blockchain projects’ early stages of development. To maintain transparency, in this article we will present the mechanism for targeting projects with potential and the investment decision path that is used on a daily basis at Lucrosus Capital. Our investors can benefit greatly by making use of $LUCA token utilities (read more about it here). The following text is most concerned with the shared allocation program, as it is the token utility that is directly related to the investments made by Lucrosus Capital.

The cryptocurrency market is a rapidly developing market. There are no rigidly shaped patterns here and optimal solutions are constantly being formed and updated. That is a great opportunity for Lucrosus Capital and an exceptional possibility to obtain an enormous market advantage by implementing cutting-edge solutions. The team members are well aware of this and have been developing various innovative methods over a long period of time to aid in more profitable and effective investing.

The result is an innovative algorithm for automatically detecting valuable projects in the cryptocurrency world. A tremendous advantage of this tool is the time that the team saves. With the automatic operation of the algorithm, no one needs to personally spend too many hours reading content related to the cryptocurrency market on social media, particular websites, or specialized magazines. The algorithm analyzes huge data sets in a short time. For this reason, the application of this tool is not just eliminating the cost in terms of labor hours needed for research, but also an opportunity to utilize previously overlooked information. Teams that personally search for investment occasions neglect a lot of relevant information in the research process because the human brain has impassable biological limits and is unable to process too large data sets. The magnitude of all that data, in this case, is overwhelming. However, due to the application of the research algorithm that is not the issue for Lucrosus Capital — we are seizing the opportunity and reaping the benefits of it.

For over a year, our team has been developing a mechanism analyzing a variety of blockchain projects for the attractiveness of investing in them. The result is an algorithm that utilizes keywords to process data from social media, cryptocurrency-related articles or publications, and market statistics in real-time. The outcomes of this automated research provide us with an understanding of not only desirable us trending projects but also general market trends which contribute to shaping our long-term investment policy. Testing this algorithm was conducted over a period of several months and allowed us to implement many improvements and optimize the functioning so that we achieve highly accurate results. Of course, that is not everything about our automated research process. The vast majority of it is strictly confidential and can not be shared to ensure the secure success of Lucrosus Capital.

The adoption of algorithms these days is the key to prosperity, nevertheless, it is not a self-sustaining factor. Such a tool is excellent at performing many simple tasks in a short period of time, but for more complex problems the results can be misleading. Therefore, the human factor is also needed for top-level analysis. In the case of Lucrosus Capital’s decision-making process, the data output from the algorithm is constantly reviewed and possibly modified. The expert knowledge of our team, in this case, is crucial and from this point on it starts to play a major role in the process of selecting a promising investment. This mechanism is visualized below:

After the deep screening of algorithm outcomes, the team conducts an initial selection of projects which Lucrosus Capital could support. At this stage, the enterprises that do not fit our profile and have not been rejected by the algorithm earlier are eliminated. The reason for elimination may be, for example, too advanced phase of development, lack of investment opportunities, or information undermining the credibility of the project. We then discuss the possibility of supporting projects that have passed the initial selection. We are looking for the solid fundamentals of future plans such as a legal structure, team background, and numerous goals which have already been accomplished. Selected projects are those that have survived our brainstorm and met our expectations.

The next step is to get in touch with members of promising projects about a potential investment. At this point, some companies may also be rejected, for example through a lack of interest in cooperation on the part of their members. However, in the vast majority of cases after the initial contact, Lucrosus Capital attempts to arrange a live meeting. To establish cooperation, it is necessary to be familiar with the faces of people who create their businesses. At meetings, we aim to share the visions and goals of our companies. Together with a projects’ team leaders, we are searching for numerous opportunities starting with community development, fundraising methods, and ending with marketing channels, and much more.

After such talks, we are able to assess the basis and potential of the projects with great accuracy. The Lucrosus Capital team together makes a decision on the profitability and risk of a potential investment. If we believe that cooperation will be beneficial for both sides then we decide on individually prepared terms of cooperation and the size of the allocation. The final stage is to finalize the formalities and sign the contracts. Afterward Lucrosus Capital commits itself to fulfill the conditions of cooperation and support its partners in their development.

By combining the above factors, we aim to provide the finest quality of service which is rare in the cryptocurrency market. We deeply believe that blockchain technology will be the next global revolution, so we pursue our dedication to the cryptocurrency market. Hundreds of various opportunities on the path of Lucrosus Capital will be seen on a global scale. The next few years are just the beginning.

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