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Lucrosus Capital
3 min readAug 2, 2021


Our story

We are a group of friends whose adventure with cryptocurrencies started in late 2016 and early 2017. We have survived the previous bubble and learned meaningful lessons from it. Since then, we have been completely dedicated to the market, learning its ins and outs and gaining experience. As Lucrosus Capital, we believe in blockchain as the future, so we decided to create an investment fund that will provide a real advantage to projects in the early stages of development.

We do this out of passion and devotion to blockchain technology and innovation. We want only the finest projects to be part of the crypto space and those are the projects we want to support.

What are we doing?

Our main goal is to support the development of the most thriving blockchain projects. We are confident that the solutions they provide will soon revolutionize the world you know.

We are aware of how hard it is to find obliging investors. Many VC funds want to invest money without contributing extra effort to the development of a project. Lucrosus Capital is revolutionizing this approach. We believe that money, which is certainly a component of success, is not everything. Lucrosus Capital’s mission is to prove that comprehensive service is required for a project to truly thrive. The value-added we offer is what differentiates us from other investment funds.

What exactly do we mean by value-added?

With several years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, we have been able to assist with projects in the early stage of development in four fundamental areas:

1. Marketing

It is incredibly simple to overlook even the greatest idea. A project without a proper marketing strategy will not stand out, especially in the crypto space where community interest in the project is key. Drawing on our experience we have found the most effective ways of advertising blockchain projects. We have established relationships with over 200 crypto content creators who will provide a genuine audience for your projects.

2. Graphic Design

The presentation of the project is also a key element. Combining it with an effective marketing strategy will attract the attention of cryptocurrency users and encourage them to create a community for this project. This will lead to a significant acceleration of the project’s development.

3. Investment

The hardest phase of the project is the beginning. At Lucrosus Capital, we know how essential capital is. To drive the development of a project, we invest in the earliest stages of development to build a solid foundation.

4. Experience

With our active involvement in the cryptocurrency market for many years, we know the dynamics and specifics of its operation. We have tried many methods of investment and analysis, so we know which ones are performing well and which ones don’t work. We will help you by sharing all the know-how we have gained so far.

5. International relationships

Several years of presence on the market have enabled us to establish many relationships with companies from different fields. This allows us to help projects cooperating with us and save them a lot of effort in finding the necessary partners. Our bonds do not only include influencers, but also well-known IT experts, lawyers or advisors.

The above description is only a small part of what we really are and what we really do. We have a lot to offer. Stay tuned, because there is much more coming up from us in the near future!

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Lucrosus Capital

Our commitment is to revolutionize the world through fostering the development of the most thriving blockchain projects.