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4 min readMay 5, 2022


Lucrosus Capital’s goal is to enable anyone to invest in the most lucrative projects at a very early stage using a price that only institutions can get. Therefore, a key product for $LUCA holders will be our Shared Allocation Program in which a portion of each allocation received by Lucrosus Capital will be offered to $LUCA token holders.

Users will have the opportunity to expose themselves to multiple tokens by owning just one — $LUCA Coin. The desired allocation will be ensured through a dedicated platform. The amount that holders can invest will depend on the tier to which they belong.

The tier depends on the number of $LUCA Coins held — the more you have, the higher the allocation is:


There are five tiers — Cuprum, Arganti, Aurum, Emerald and the highest one — Gemmo.

Each tier has a target share of the total allocation, which is greater at higher tiers. Thus, the higher tier has fewer participants than the lower one, so participating in a better one is highly beneficial. In our project, we used an advantageous solution — a gamified process for the two lowest tiers — Cuprum and Arganti — providing very favorable rewards relative to the required token threshold.

Thanks to this solution, you can participate in several early successful investments with only one cryptocurrency in possession — the Lucrosus Capital’s $LUCA Coin.


The main advantage of being a Venture Capital fund is the ability to participate in investments in projects from the very beginning. It provides very favorable prices, which are mostly unavailable to individual investors. Lucrosus Capital wants to change this by implementing the Shared Allocation Program.

Lucrosus Capital is obliged to transfer a part of an allocation in other projects to the holders of our $LUCA Coins. These holders will have the opportunity to obtain tokens of invested projects through a specific platform. The exact amount of tokens received will depend on the tier to which the owner of $LUCA belongs.

Access to the Lucrosus direct investments will be possible after meeting the criteria of the particular tiers.

Thanks to the calculator on the site, our investors are able to calculate their potential future income. All you have to do is choose the tier that will suit your investment and you can analyze how your investment potentially multiplies over time 😊

The allocation value within the highest tiers such as Gemmo, Emerald and Aurum will be divided equally among each member of a certain tier.

The Arganti and Cuprum tiers will be gamified and a certain number of people at each tier will apply for a certain number of possible allocations.

To understand better this investment, let’s present it on an example:

The Lucrosus Capital team has decided to invest $800 000 in a particular company. We assume that half of this amount goes to the Shared Allocation Program and the other half is covered by Lucrosus capital itself.

The final parameter necessary to know the allocation amount of each member is the number of members at each tier. Assuming that the Gemmo, Emerald, and Aurum tiers consist of 20, 75 and 100 members respectively, we can calculate the exact results:

  1. Allocation amount for tier members Gemmo = 400 000 $ * 25% / 20 = 5000 $
  2. Allocation amount for tier members Emerald = 400 000 $ * 22,5% / 75 = 1200 $
  3. Allocation amount for tier members Aurum = 400 000 $ * 20% / 200 = 400 $

The remaining tiers of Arganti and Ferrum are subject to a gamified process in which a certain number of members at both tiers can win the allocation. We can calculate the allocation size by applying the above equations designed for these tiers:

  1. Allocation amount for tier members Arganti = 400 000 $ * 17,5% / 200 = 350 $
  2. Allocation amount for tier members Cuprum = 400 000 $ * 15% / 300 = 200 $


Lucrosus Capital believes that the Shared Allocation Program will encourage investors to allocate their assets at higher tiers. By using the gamification process at the Arganti and Cuprum tiers, members can win prizes that are highly profitable.

Higher tiers should consist of fewer members which will allow even greater profits. Nevertheless, Lucrosus Capital reaches people with an offer for every budget and even low tier tiers can generates good profits.

That is why the Lucrosus Capital project is a pioneer of investment that aims high, and every person can — and should get on board with us.

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