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During the AMA session, we met the CFO of Lucrosus Capital — Maciej Soczynski! Maciej answered questions from the host, from Twitter and those asked live during the AMA on Telegram. Our AMA host was The Crypto Blade — thank you so much for running it!


Host: 1. First of all kindly introduce yourselves, what did you do before entering the crypto space? Overall, tell us something about your experience.

Maciej: We are a group of friends who have together gained large investing experience. In the beginning, our jobs were related to finance, consulting, or management. However, since 2017 we have focused on the cryptocurrency market due to the enormous potential of this sector. Moreover, Lucrosus Capital’s CEO Peter Barbachowski participated in the development of blockchain projects with over $50M of valuation.

This background allowed us to see all ins and outs of the cryptocurrency — with all benefits as well as problems needed to be solved. One of those was VC investments in crypto that were only accessible for the wealthiest investors. Our experience encouraged us to join Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) trend and set up our own venture dedicated to providing individual investors with institutional benefits.

Host: 2. Now talking about Lucrosus capital, Briefly enrich our audience about the main concept behind it and the services it renders.

Maciej: As I have mentioned, Lucrosus Capital joins the Decentralized Venture Capital trend and offers everyone exposure to projects in early-stage development thanks to the application of tokenization. Tokens allow to make the investment decentralized and give projects the opportunity to get a better start.

Lucrosus Capital’s activity is based on sharing better investment terms with $LUCA token holders. Thanks to that our investors can acquire coins of promising projects at lower prices than the market average, allowing them to stay ahead of everyone else!

Host: 3. Now the token $LUCA, kindly introduce us to your token, its tokenomics and its utilities

Maciej: This is a great question and difficult to answer briefly. Basically, LUCA token is the cornerstone of Lucrosus Capital’s business activity. To attract investors we have developed many unique utilities and I will shortly describe them below.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning the Shared Allocation Program. LUCA token holders may acquire tokens of projects invested by Lucrosus Capital. As DeVC, Lucrosus will be taking on tokens of partners at a very favourable price. Therefore, it’s very profitable for our investors to participate in this program, because they will be allowed to gain tokens at more superior prices than those available on the market.

Moreover, a significant part of generated profits will be used to buy back tokens from an open market which will make our token scarcer. Additionally, soon we will announce a generous staking program as well as a voting program and exclusive research database of projects that Lucrosus Capital invested in.

In case of tokenomics there will be 1,000M LUCA tokens with the following distribution: Public Sale 55%, Private Sale 5%, Development 8%, Liquidity 4%, Team 9%, Marketing 8%, Advisors 8%, Airdrops 3%.

More details you can find in our whitepaper!

Host: 4. Talking about security now, what can you tell us. What measures have you in place to ensure that Lucrosus Capital is stealth proof so to say.

Maciej: Lucrosus Capital takes security very seriously. As proof, our smart contract was audited by Hacken — the best audit firm in the smart contracts space. I gladly can announce that it was rated as Well-Secured, which is the highest possible audit score!

This only confirms the fact that the $LUCA contract was professionally prepared and has no weaknesses. A while ago Hacken released the audit report for general viewing, so feel free to check it out here and make sure $LUCA is secure!

Host: 5. First thing that struck me on your website is this,

It says Lucrosus capital is The First Decentralized Venture Capital providing institutional opportunities to individuals.

Can you tell us more about this opportunities.

Maciej: At Lucrosus Capital we believe that blockchain solutions will be the next technological revolution. The potential venture capital investments may be utilized more effectively if they are made available to a wider audience. This will result in greater profitability and improved performance of the sector as a whole.

Implementation of tokenization and therefore blockchain advantages allows making VC investments more transparent. Moreover, tokens may have voting power. Therefore individual investors may have a real influence on Lucrosus Capital and make it more decentralized. That is why we call it Decentralized Venture Capital!


6. Success is dependent on active community and valuable partners. How would you like to benefits from them in development of Lucrosis Capital?

Maciej: In every aspect of life, it is more beneficial to work together than alone. It is no different in business, which is why at Lucrosus Capital we value our community and partnership very highly. We acknowledge that they are the backbone of our success. Therefore, we organize many events and opportunities for our supporters. That way their activity brings even more benefits for them as well as Lucrosus Capital’s potential

In case of partnerships we have already forged various relationships with companies from different fields. We put a lot of effort to incorporating it into our core business activity. That way I can assure you that already many of the best blockchain specialist are working for us to develop a great product — LUCA token.

Moreover, those partnerships will last for a very long time and together we will be supporting projects that Lucrosus Capital will invest in.

7. Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Maciej: Good question, I will keep it brief and headline our greatest advantages:

1) Our Shared Allocation Program where basically the more tokens you hold the greater allocation you can receive. It is something that sets Lucrosus Capital apart from other crypto VCs.

2) Application on highly developed and tested AI algorithm in our market research that let us stay ahead of competitors.

3) Value-added — Lucrosus Capital brings unique support to invested projects, allowing developers to focus on the long-term growth of the project. This guidance is provided in the following fields like marketing, global relationships, or technological support.

8. Could you explain how we can purchase LUCA tokens and which of the 3 payment methods is the best?

Maciej: You are provided with 3 payment methods to purchase $LUCA tokens so you can choose the most appropriate way for you. In any case, you do not need to create additional accounts. You just simply should be logged in on the Lucrosus Capital website.

There is no best option — you just choose the one that suits you best. Every method is possibly well-developed. “Buy by card” is destined for FIAT payments and other ones are for crypto transactions. We have already created step-by-step how to buy LUCA and I highly encourage you to check it.

9. Many projects have different types of token economics to maintain the ecosystem. Usually systems like Staking/Burn/Buyback are used, but does you plan to use a system like staking?

Maciej: As I said earlier, Lucrosus Capital sets up to conduct regular buy-back programs. A great part of generated profits will be used to buy back tokens from an open market. That means that there will be fewer LUCA tokens which would have a positive impact on the LUCA token price.

Additionally, soon there will be a highly generous staking program available. Our investors can hedge widespread inflation and earn our tokens. It will increase both their voting power and the size of their allocation!

10. In your roadmap there are many other Lucrosus enterprises. You want to build a massive ecosystem. What will this look like in practice?

Maciej: Our wish is to develop an expanded Lucrosus ecosystem. Lucrosus Capital with LUCA token will be the cornerstone of it, but we are already working on other projects. Soon we will announce some great enterprises. I can tell you that our Lucrosus Gallery projects are looking very fine and we assume a large of this platform. Lucrosus Gallery will be based on connecting traditional artists to NFT trend. Therefore, we will introduce you some new quality one the market of digital art!

Moreover, Lucrosus ecosystem will bring a fully professional blockchain academy — The Lucrosus Academy. It will combine together the best experts in the field, whose panels would be conducted around the world. Such an institution comes with numerous opportunities and benefits not only for beginners but also more for advanced individuals.

Additionally, once the development of the fund is complete, we would like to introduce another core service — the Lucrosus Incubator. This side of the activity will be strictly for supporting the earliest stages of any blockchain-connected idea. We aim to provide completely adjusted hi-tech solutions to make any idea come true.

Those parts of Lucrosus ecosystem will be operating soon, but we will announce to you many more new ideas!


Q1. How does Lucrosus Capital use gamification?

Maciej: Lucrosus Capital desires to take maximum advantage of the benefits of gamification. To support the long-lasting involvement and sustained motivation of investors, such features will be utilized in Lucrosus communities as well as $LUCA token utilities. Examples are various activities on our social media, continuous participation in the Shared Allocation Program, persistent staking, or frequently attending direct meetings with developers of cooperating projects.

Q2. On which blockchain LUCA coin will be deployed?

Maciej: LUCA token is already deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and a bridge to Ethereum (ETH) will be added.

Our contract address is 0xF82AA46120314904Cd8119DAc84f6bcC7D90ED2e and with delight, I can confirm that it was audited by Hacken and rated as Well-Secured!

Q3. What is the investment approach of Lucrosus Capital?

Maciej: Lucrosus Capital highly benefits from the application of a unique AI algorithm. It analyzes huge data sets from the cryptocurrency market and provides thoroughly selected results. It processes specific information from social media, blockchain-related articles or publications, and real-time market statistics. Using machine learning, the algorithm diagnoses keywords. On their basis, we are able to interpret general market trends as well as trending projects in real-time.

However, we also take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our team. Years of background on the crypto market allow us to forecast possible upcoming trends, enabling us to modify our algorithm to focus on specific parts of the market or particular kinds of projects. Such an approach lets us focus on best investment opportunities.

Q4. Could you stell us some more about Gallery, are you planning to launch your own NFTs?

Maciej: Great question. Lucrosus Gallery will connect traditional artists with blockchain solutions. Due to such an approach, we will offer new quality on the market and artists will be able to focus solely on their artwork. Blockchain technology offers transparency which will be great for incorporating royalties as mean of payment for the artist. Moreover, it’s not official yet, but there might be coming some exclusive NFT collection designed for Lucrosus ecosystem

Q5. How can users stay updated with this project? Are there channels, including local communities where users can get the latest updates?

Maciej: I encourage you to check our chat at There you can find all essential information.

Additionally, we have recently opened 11 groups, which allow our community to integrate even more in their native languages! We deeply care for expanding our community truly globally!

Host: AMA is concluded!

We would like to sincerely thank The Crypto Blade for hosting the AMA!

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