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The recent AMA session hosted on our main Telegram chat was a very productive and fruitful time. There were many questions, and the team directly addressed them. For all those who missed it — don’t worry! We have prepared a special summary to keep you up to date with what is happening at Lucrosus Capital.

Twitter Questions

Q1. There is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the project, if you have an artificial intelligence algorithm and it works very well, you could use it for your own benefit without depending on any foreign economy, why do you publicly do it as a blockchain project?

Matthias (CFO): That is correct — we are using our own AI algorithm to conduct market research and find promising projects. That algorithm analyses many keywords on social media channels, blogs of experts, and blockchain articles. By doing so, it adapts to market volatility and finds some trends as well as great developing projects even in their infancy.

That gives us about 1–2 week advantage over other market players until those projects could go viral and they will be widely recognized. By spotting projects so early, we can contact them quickly and obtain favorable investment terms. Then, such projects can be part of our Shared Allocation Program which is the cornerstone of the Lucrosus Ecosystem where LUCA holders benefit from exclusive investment opportunities.

Q2. Why did you decide to change LUCA tokenomics and how it affects the project?

Peter (CEO&Founder): During our start, the market condition was completely different from the current structure. Therefore, we needed to adjust, to survive during the most challenging period in the years. Our business and legal partners, as well as advisors, also suggested us this path.

Additionally, such a solution increases the attractiveness of our project for exchanges and other companies in the blockchain sector. We are constantly developing our network so that you can see the results daily.

Nevertheless, we are aware that it’s a significant change, and we wanted to discuss it with our community. We started the communication by informing our users to let them make an independent decision. After that, we conducted voting which results were widely presented.

We are incredibly grateful to have such an involved and supportive community. Now, I want to underline our gratitude to all the LUCA family! Please be ensured that we are doing our best to meet your expectations!

Q3. Could you please share with us your plan to bring value to the LUCA community during the bear market?

George (HPR): The current market condition is far from favorable, significantly affecting our project. Nevertheless, we plan to develop further and successfully implement our initial objectives.

If the market doesn’t improve and we get into a real bear market we have in mind several additional values for our community. First of all, we are planning to introduce to you an every-week investment report with our view on a few major cryptocurrencies and also present you with gems that are currently under our radar.

Also, as we perceive a bear market as the best time for development and building the portfolio we have adjusted our investment approach by reducing our minimal ticket size.
From a Marketing perspective, we are working on a dynamic expansion of our community via the top middle east and Asia channels.

Q4. Will staking operate under the same rules in the future as it does now? Will we have the same high APYs?

John (COO): Currently, we are offering a special Staking Program just for our early supporters to encourage them to enter the project and to stay with Lucrosus Capital for the long term. In addition, we want to thank them for the trust they placed in us during the early stages of development.

That’s why the APYs are so high:
90 days — 17% APYs
180 days — 25% APYs
360 days — 36% APYs
720 days — 49% APYs

As I mentioned the current APYs are not permanent and for sure after TGE we will modify the staking structure and the rewards payout from it. Later investors will definitely not be able to benefit from such massive APYs.

So anticipating further questions. It is better to stake now than to wait for TGE, because such high APYs will probably not be available.

Q5. I’m having still some savings and wanted to allocate part of it to the Shared Allocation Program. I know that currently it is not the best time for the investments but I would love to hear when are you planning to propose a collab investment?

Michael (CRO): We are constantly analyzing the market situation. It is uncertain and changes diametrically from day to day which also affects the quantity and the quality of emerging projects. Investments made in such market sentiment do not always bring the expected results. Quietness is the best time to invest.
The Shared Allocation Program is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2023, but we do not exclude the possibility to invest earlier if a worthwhile project comes up. We want to provide the best of them, which will have a positive impact on the development and the value of LUCA.

We are a part of this family and we care about the greatest possible benefits for it. That is why we are counting on your support because together it will certainly be easier to find the best gems and profit from them.

LUCA staked amount reveal

We’ve summed up all LUCA staking statistics and to be honest, they are mind-blowing! To mark such an occasion, we announced a special contest on our Twitter to guess the percentage of staked LUCA tokens! The person whose guess is closest to the exact amount will receive an additional prize of $50 in LUCA!

Exactly 51% of all sold LUCA tokens have been staked so far!

Such a portion of locked tokens will not only multiply the number of your private LUCA holding, but in addition, it makes Circulating Supply during TGE (Token Generation Event) much lower, and it will attract new investors to LUCA at the listing!

This just shows how much of our community is with us for the long term!
Thank you all for your trust!

Live Q&A segment

Q1. How are the negotiations with CEXs? Is there anything confirmed yet and what can we expect?

John (COO): We are in advanced talks with many of crypto exchanges. Both those in the top 10, as well as those smaller but with a more involved community.

We are collecting offers from all exchanges to ensure LUCA’s strong and stable growth in a solid environment. The task is not to find any exchange, but to choose the one that is best for our project and the entire Lucrosus Capital community.

Some of the exchanges behave improperly, often dropping project tokens and thus dropping its price. We can’t allow such a situation, and that’s why it takes us so long to do all the holistic analysis, in which we are assisted by our partners and advisors.

Exchanges are the big players and it depends on them when our partnerships and listings will be announced, so stay tuned and wait for the furthers announcements.

Q2. Could you describe your deal flows more directly? What are your targets for the bear market regarding number of projects, tickets, DD etc.

Peter (CEO&Founder): Based on the current structure, we are ready to incubate up to 10 projects simultaneously, with 20 projects possible after reaching the hardcap. Our capacities will increase with the team expansion and further equity development.

We aim for the average ticket of 50k-100k, which will be further increased with our growth. We are also broadening our network what signifiantlly increases our market scope and due dilligence power. We are gainig support from various legal offices as well as experienced invetors with powerful relantionship easing the process.

The expansion of our community and constant development of the LUCA token will drive the growth of the Lucrosus Ecosystem. Also, securing new partnerships, funding, IDOs & IEOs will considerably broaden our range of activities.

Q3. Hey George thanks for your answer will wait patiently for the reports and the gems to take a look. Could you please specify more the marketing approach and where you will focus the most?

George (HPR): As we have seen great potential in Central and Eastern Europe a lot of the upcoming marketing moves will be directed from there. Also we see a huge investment potential in the Middle East. Therefore we are currently looking for the most reliable creators, influencers willing to promote Lucrosus Capital.

Asia is a separate topic. The market there is very crypto-oriented, while it differs significantly from the rest of the world. We are looking for the best applications and platforms in terms of conversions to project growth. We are looking for influencers in Japan, Indonesia, Shanghai, Philippines, Taiwan and other important markets in Asia.
Our upcoming marketing moves will be deeply related to the upcoming partnerships and CEX listings.

Q4. Are you considering getting advice on projects or ideas from the Lucrosus Capital community?

Michael (CRO): Of course! As I mentioned earlier that’s the fundamental value of our Venture. We are connecting people to broaden the scope of the whole market, together! Whenever you find a project to consider, feel free to share the idea with us. We will be more than happy to arrange the meeting and conduct our compliance process. The more researchers the more possibilities on the radar!

Q5. Could you please explain in detail the incubator and the academy from Lucrosus Capital?

Matthias (CFO): Lucrosus Incubator and Lucrosus Academy are the backbones of the entire Lucrosus Ecosystem. It is worth describing them deeper.

Lucrosus Incubator is part of our business operation when we contact various promising projects and offer them essential resources. That involves professional support in the case of blockchain development as well as website creation. We work with over 100 IT specialists who can ensure the high quality of services given to projects we cooperate with. Besides that, we can offer those projects advanced marketing campaigns as we have established relationships with hundreds of crypto influencers. The projects that we incubate can also expect assistance in case of obtaining professional lawyers, renowned KOLs, and experienced advisors.

On the other hand, we are certain that the aware use of technology is a key to mass adoption. This is why we want to introduce the Lucrosus Academy to you. This is a professional blockchain academy that will combine the best experts in the field, whose panels will be conducted worldwide. Such an institution comes with numerous opportunities not only for beginners but also for advanced groups. Lucrosus Ecosystem is a great place for those interested in cryptocurrencies. But thanks to Lucrosus Academy we will be able to broaden this great community!

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